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The Top 10 most popular Bill Styles are :

US Bills (25.7%)
US ONE Dollar Drawn (19.0%)
Monopoly Standard (13.9%)
Million Dollar Bill (7.8%)
Monopoly Custom Style 2 (6.2%)
Corporate Incentives (6.0%)
Eagle Play Money (6.0%)
Colonial Play Money (4.3%)
Monopoly Custom Style 1 (3.9%)
Standard Life (2.9%)

Did you know we also sell play wallets? Learn more about other Wallet styles we sell by clicking here.

Why us
Wondering why you should choose our services for creating your custom play money? To begin with, we have the only wizard based interface to create play money on the internet. Additionally, see below for how expensive it can be to create your own money at home. Years of experience has allowed us to know what our customers are looking for:
  • Variety of bill templates available
  • Hundreds of fonts
  • Stock images for presidents window and background
  • Endless paper types, colors and textures available
  • Dual sided printing available
  • Embossing for added security
  • Lamination for years of life for your play money
  • Gift pouches to attractively present the money
  • Option to receive bills in a PDF file
  • Serial numbers for added security
  • Graphic enhancement services available
We have over 3 years experience creating play money for a variety of applications:
  • Individual board game replacement sets
  • Gag play money
  • Special event play money
  • Money sets for board game prototypes
  • Mass produced board game money sets
  • Small - large business marketing/coupons
  • Small - large business employee incentives
  • Teacher/student incentive play money
  • Holiday/celebration play money
Our Process
So how do we create your bills? To begin with, our proprietary web site was custom developed to create custom play money online and simplify the design process. Once your order is completed, we go through our production process. The secret to our quality is using top of the line technology from start to finish.
We begin by printing your bills on sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper on our high-end HP 4350dtn duplex laser printers. This HP laser model utilizes advanced toner technology that results in the highest quality image available today by a laser printer. We take the sheets of paper and stack your order on our Dahle 846 paper stack cutter and slice away. Out comes accurate and consistently cut individual bills, which are then stacked into your own set and mailed to your door.

Play Money Economics
Your average configured bill page has 20% toner coverage on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. This will consume an average of $4.52 worth of toner on your average home-based desktop laser to complete a 24 page set. Standard colored laser paper can be purchased in lots of 500 sheets for $7.00; if you utilize all 7 denominations thats another $49.00. You would also have to purchase a paper slicer to slice your bills, which would cost a minimum of $30.00 for a very low end cutter to achieve mediocre results. Want dual sided bills? Try that with your home-based laser!  We give you access to an endless supply of fonts, stock images, papers, layouts, and add-ons in one convenient web site.
Our pricing schedules are scaled to give economical results ranging from a single set of bills up to thousands of sets. Please click the pricing link above to see how to determine the costs for your play money needs.

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