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  • School Teacher
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  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Churches

This school teacher in the United States created a simple program for her students.

Dear Students,

        At the start of each marking period I will be giving each of you $25.00 in Behavior Bucks.  You will need to save this money until the end of each marking period where you will earn the opportunity to purchase a variety of exciting rewards.  As a student , your job is to follow school rules.  You will be fined $1.00 each time you break any of the school rules.  It is important that you do not lose your money because it will not be replaced and it cannot be earned back.  You will still be able to earn the rewards that are currently in place at Jacobsville.

  School Rules

I will conduct myself in a manner so that teachers can teach and students can learn.

1.  I will listen while others are talking and work quietly
2.  I will follow all of the directions given
3.  I will show respect for school and personal property
4.  I will keep my hands, feet, objects, and negative words to myself.
5.  I will come prepared for class and be in my assigned area.

  For Sale

$10.00 - Ticket to classroom party
$5.00  - Homework Pass
$3.00  - m & m phone call
$2.00  - Read to another classroom or student.
$2.00  - Pizza at classroom party
$1.00  - Soda at classroom party
$1.00  - Snacks at classroom party
$1.00  - Raffle tickets for bigger  prizes



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