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The Top 10 most popular Bill Styles are :

US Bills (25.7%)
US ONE Dollar Drawn (19.0%)
Monopoly Standard (13.9%)
Million Dollar Bill (7.8%)
Monopoly Custom Style 2 (6.2%)
Corporate Incentives (6.0%)
Eagle Play Money (6.0%)
Colonial Play Money (4.3%)
Monopoly Custom Style 1 (3.9%)
Standard Life (2.9%)

Did you know we also carry play coins? Learn About by other play money accesories we offer by clicking here

Add a nice touch to your order by selecting from  a variety of choices to store your play bills. All Storage options come in a variety of colors selectable when ordering.

When you choose a bill storage option, the number of units will default to the number of sets of bills you have configured, and may be changed to a lower or higher number.  Your invoice will automatically be updated. For up to date pricing information, click here.  

The bill storage pouch is made from an attractive velvet like material. It is a very nice touch to your bill order when presenting them as a gift.
Each pouch is made from a silk like material, with a button down clasp in front of a zippered enclosure to keep bills safe. Measures 6.5 x 4 inches.
Nylon wallet with velcro closure folds out to 9 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall. Bill compartment 6.75 inches long and will hold most sized bills. Has clear plastic window for ID, and zippered coin storage area.

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